What About Wonder?

Photo by Hristo Fidanov on Pexels.com In The Republic, Plato believes that the best and most just city-state would be run by a philosopher, a term that became known as “philosopher-king.” But this was not supposed to be some megalomaniac dictator who thought he was smarter and wiser than everyone else. The Philosopher-King was someone … Continue reading What About Wonder?

Mystery of Oneness

Before you get married, there is much talk in the church of the mystery of “oneness” and the sacredness of marriage. Then you get married and it does not take long for every day to be about work, chores, getting to sleep and doing it all over again the next day. Even the best of … Continue reading Mystery of Oneness


A personal reflection on New Year's Eve, December 31st, 2020. I have spent a great deal of this year being miserable. Not just because of the pandemic and isolation, though it did not help matters. But there was so much stress in the year hoping for my husband Dan to get a medical physics residency, … Continue reading Miserable

C.S. Lewis and the Joy of Autumn

Autumn is an en-vogue season to love, so much so that it is quite popular to deride it, as well. If you love autumn, you are "basic," some say. But I think there is a deeper reason why autumn is so beloved, something beyond pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters, and farmhouse pumpkin decor. Something eluded to by C.S. Lewis as the feeling of "Joy," and the German Romantics as sehnsucht or "yearning."

“Waving Through A Window:” Dear Evan Hansen on Social Isolation

Dear Evan Hansen Playbill Cover Photo In May 2019, my husband and I took an anniversary trip to a city to see the National Tour of my current favorite musical, Dear Evan Hansen. Perhaps now more relevant than ever in these days of social distancing and the rise of depression and suicidal thoughts in young … Continue reading “Waving Through A Window:” Dear Evan Hansen on Social Isolation

Kindred Spirits: Corrie Ten Boom

Not only is The Hiding Place a wonderful story of courage, hope, and faith during one of the darkest times in recent history, but Corrie Ten Boom herself is a kindred spirit for me. She was a tempestuous person, yet she grew up to be a pillar of wisdom and strength. So much of what she wrote comes to back to me in times of difficulty. Many of her pearls of wisdom came from her father, Casper Ten Boom, who gently and lovingly counseled Corrie through many painful times. Through Corrie's words, I felt like he was a spiritual father to me too.