About Me

I am a lover of beauty, people, and getting to the heart of things.

Sometimes when subjects are hard to define, a writer will start with what the subject is not. This blog is not truly a literature blog, a history blog, a Christian blog, a philosophical blog, or a daily life journal. Yet, I will write under all of these categories at one given time or another. This blog will is something of a personal essay blog, wherein I will explore literature, theology, philosophy, societal trends, and personal stories, all unified under a search for meaning, truth, beauty, and what is good in this world. I may cover sorrowful topics in the course of these explorations (what inquiry into the human condition is not tinged with pain?), but I will not leave my audience without hope.

(Unless perhaps, my cynicism gets the better of me. Scold me if that happens.)

It is called Gaude. Gaude is a Latin imperative word meaning “Rejoice!” I chose this word because: 

  1. I want this blog to ultimately be a place of rejoicing. I want to find whatever is true, and noble, and lovely, and think on these things. I want to find light, even when the darkness is great.
  2. Saying, “Rejoice!” does not evoke the contemplation this blog entails. It makes me think of Christmas.
  3. The look and sound (GOW-deh) of the Latin word evoke a sense of awe, history, and timelessness. 
  4. Honestly, it is inspired by one of Dorothy Sayers’ mystery novels, titled The Gaudy Night.  When I first came across this title, I thought it was lovely, but it made me think of something ridiculously extravagant, like a night covered over in stars, glittering galaxy dust, auroras, and blazing comets. Something too much. However, as is demonstrated in the novel, “gaudy” is a term used at British universities to mean “celebratory.” One attends a “gaudy”–a party or a feast. Or one can have a “gaudy” night–a night of merry-making. At Oxford, in particular, alumni reunions complete with formal dinners and events to attend, are called gaudies. 

Professionally, I am a teacher, specifically of theatre, and I spent 6 years studying theatre history in graduate school for an M.A. and a Ph.D. My focus was in Medieval Studies, but it was hard to have to narrow that focus down to one time period, for I am interested in all of history. Other periods, such as Ancient Greece, Early Church/Late Antiquity, Renaissance/Early Modern, the Romantic Era, 19th Century, and first half of the 20th Century also excite me as much as the Medieval period does. 

On a more basic level, I am a Midwesterner living in Indiana with my Philadelphia-born husband. We are sensible people. 

He manages the budget. I make sure we eat up our leftovers.